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Creating an arena

If you want to watch a video, you can watch this video. Check the comments for my comment to see some explanations for some things that weren't explained very well in the video.

Setting up an arena is fairly simple, and does not require many commands.

Note: the /tntrun command can be replaced by any of the command aliases

What you should already have

You should have the following prepared:

Creating the arena

The first step you must take is to create the arena in the editing queue. During this step, you will pick a name for your arena, which you will not be able to change until you have finished setting it up. Keep in mind that the name you chose is what will show up on signs, and is what players will use in the join command.

Use the command /tntrun createarena Test will create an arena with the name 'Test'. You can replace Test with whatever you want to name the arena.

Setting the area

The plugin uses an area shaped like a box that the arena (and its lobby, if you have one) are in. If a player goes outside the box, they will be eliminated.

You define the box by setting opposite corners. One high corner, the other is a low corner. (just like worldedit).

Note: These positions are set at the block where your feet are.

To set these positions, use the commands /tntrun arena Test pos1 and /tntrun arena Test pos2, replacing Test with the name you picked when using the createarena command.

Setting the start location

The start location is the place players are teleported to when the game is going to start. (it is also used as a lobby if it is not set.)

To set the start location, stand where the players should be teleported, and type the command /tntrun arena Test startloc, replacing Test with the name you entered before.

When you do this command, it also records the direction you are looking and will make the players face that direction when it teleports them.

Setting the lobby position (optional)

The lobby position is where the players are while the arena is waiting for more players. If you do not set a lobby position, the start location will be used as a lobby.

To set the lobby position, stand and look where you would like to set it, and type the command /tntrun Arena Test lobby, replacing Test with what you named your arena.

Saving the arena

To allow the arena to be played on, you must save it. Run the command /tntrun arena Test save, replacing Test with what you named the arena. If you have set the required positions, it will say that the arena has been saved. The arena is now ready to be joined and played on!

Setting the main lobby

If this is the first arena you have made, you need to set the main lobby before you are able to play.

To join the arena you just created, use the command /tntrun join Test, replacing Test with what you named the arena.