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Commands and permissions

Here is a table that lists all commands and their permissions.

/tntrun joinJoins an arena
/tntrun leaveLeaves an arena
/tntrun statsShows your stats, or the stats of another player
/tntrun listLists all active arenas
/tntrun createarenaCreates an arena and adds it to the edit queueajtr.setup
/tntrun editingLists all arenas in the edit queueajtr.setup
/tntrun editImports an active arena into the editing queueajtr.setup
/tntrun reloadReloads the arena file, messages, and the configajtr.reload
/tntrun signsCommand for managing arena signsajtr.setup
/tntrun startForce-starts an arena that is waitingajtr.forcestart
Permission to bypass blocked commandsajtr.bypasscommands
Permission to join games when they are fullajtr.joinfull

Command aliases#

Instead of using /tntrun, you can use any of the below commands:

  • /ajtntrun
  • /atr
  • /tr