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Creating an area

Hello and welcome to ajParkour!

I made a video that shows you how to set up an area. You can also read the rest of this guide for more details.

The tutorial video

If you get stuck at any point, please join my discord server and I will help you.

Preparing the area

Before you can start setting up the area, you should make sure that it meets the following requirements:

  • The parkour area is at least 15x15x15 blocks. (a larger area is highly recommended)
  • The parkour area is mostly clear of other blocks (having it be completely empty of other blocks is recommended)
  • (optional) a place the player will be teleported to when they fall. Otherwise, make sure they are not trapped if they fall.
  • (optional) a place where the player can walk into to start parkour (a portal)

Creating the area

The first step to start the creation process is the create and name the area. To do this, use the command /ajParkour setup create <name>.

Example: /ajParkour setup create spawn will create an area named spawn.

Setting the area

Next, you need to set the actual area of the parkour.

To do this, you can use the commands /ajParkour setup pos1 and /ajParkour setup pos2. These commands are similar to worldedit's //pos1 and //pos2

Speaking of worldedit, you can use worldedit instead of the pos1 and pos2 commands. To do this, select the area with worldedit, then use /ajParkour setup we to tell ajParkour to use that area.

Setting the difficulty

Next, you need to set the difficulty of the area. To do this, you use the command /ajParkour setup difficulty <difficulty>. Here are the difficulties and how hard they are:

Difficulty# of blocks per jump
BalancedSee below

Balanced difficulty

The balanced difficulty will increase the difficulty as the player gets a higher score. Here is a table that shows what difficulty each score is at.


This can be changed in jumps.yml

(optional) Setting a fall position

If you would like the plugin to teleport the player somewhere when they fall (like near a start portal), you can set the fallpos.

To set this, you stand where you would like the player to be teleported and type /ajParkour setup fallpos.

Saving the area

First, you should double-check that you have set all of the required positions by typing /ajParkour setup info. If you see anything that is red, you will need to go back and set that.

If you do not see any red in the info message, you can go ahead and save the area by typing /ajParkour setup save. This will save the area to a file and enable it.

Your area is now ready for use! You can parkour on it by typing /ajParkour start <area> (replace <area> with what you named your area)

If you want to set a start position (portal), see the section below.

Setting a portal for your area (start position)

If you want to make a place your players can walk into to start parkour, you should make a portal.

To make a portal, you use the command /ajParkour portals create <name> [area]. Replace <name> with what you want to name the portal, and [area] with what area you want the portal to go to.

If you do not put an area, the portal will do the same thing as /ajParkour start. If you do set an area, it will do the same thing as /ajParkour start <area>.