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LuckPerms Contexts

Since ajLeaderboards v2.5.2, you can use LuckPerms contexts to give permissions/prefixes/suffixes to players who are in certain positions in the leaderboard.

Make sure that you enable them in the config option register-lp-contexts. I strongly recommend also configuring only-register-lpc-for to only register contexts that you are actually going to use


If you don't know about LuckPerms contexts, you can read about them here.

ajLeaderboards adds custom (dynamic) contexts that allow you to check a player's position.

The context format is ajlb_pos_<board>_<type> where <board> is the board name, and <type> is the TimedType


For example, if you wanted to give permission for the essentials back command to the player who is #1 on the statictic_time_played alltime leaderboard, then you could use this command:

/luckperms group default permission set essentials.back true ajlb_pos_statistic_time_played_alltime=1

This will give them the permission while they are #1 on the leaderboard (and will remove the permission if they lose that spot)